What you need to know about Helical Gearboxes?

What you need to know about Helical Gearboxes?

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What you need to know about Helical Gearboxes?

Industrial gearboxes are widely used in various small and large industries and find their usage in a wide range of applications. There are a few professional leading industrial gearbox manufacturers around the world. For instance, Asar Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of helical gearboxes and worm gearboxes, and many other industrial transmission gears. 

Helical gears are power transmission devices that lower speed while increasing torque between rotating shafts. They are classified into two types: those that transmit energy between parallel elements and others that transfer power between non-parallel components, which are commonly referred to as cross-axis gears. 

A helical gearbox contains a set of helical gears. This helical gear is a type of industrial transmission gear which has slanted tooth traces. They have a greater contact level, less vibration, are quieter, and can transfer heavier loads when compared to spur gears. 

Helical gears have unique teeth that are angled to the shaft at a specific angle. As a result, more than one tooth is in contact during the function, allowing the gear to withstand more load. This arrangement also helps helical gear to perform quieter and smoother as compared to spur gear due to the load sharing between teeth. 

This helical gearbox is commonly used that is more effective as compared to other gearboxes. Their designs offer a variety of functions- 

Some of the advantages of helical gearboxes are mentioned below- 

  • The helical gearbox has lesser efficiency than spur gearboxes due to thrust forces and increased sliding friction between components.
  • The angled teeth engage more gradually than spur gear teeth, allowing for smoother operation.
  • A helical gearbox and helical gears is usually long-lasting and ideal for high-load applications.
  • It has the ability to transfer power and motion between shafts with either a right or a parallel angle.
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