What is an Idler Roller? And its use.

What is an Idler Roller? And its use.

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What is an Idler Roller? And its use.

Idler roller or conveyor roller is a cylindrical-shaped bar that runs and beneath a conveyor belt. Idler rollers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of purposes.

Idler rollers are typically used to support the weight and impact of products being moved along the belt. They also help in the product smooth and continuous flow along the belt.

Idler rollers can be self-aligning and help to keep the belt on course. The rollers are normally positioned within a metal frame and are called idler sets, depending on the construction and shape of the conveyor belt.

Some of the advantages of Idler roller Impact absorption, support for the carry and return sides of the belt, and belt tracking accuracy.

Here are some different types of Idler Rollers-

Carrying Idler 

Carrying idlers are used to carry or convey bulk material on a conveyor belt. Depending on the necessity and use, these carrying idlers are made of various materials such as heavy-gauge steel tubing or seamless steel tubing. These idlers are composed of a particular shock-absorbing compound and are designed to offer a smooth transition of bulk material for a long period of time. 

Impact Idler 

Impact idlers are used in belt loading areas where belt damage is widespread due to falling debris and repeated hits. The offered rollers help to avoid damage to the belt, idler frame, structure by absorbing impact forces. The main advantage of utilizing impact idlers is that they reduce belt damage, which is costly to repair and replace. As a result, they assist in increasing production while lowering maintenance expenses.

Return Idler 

This return idler is supported by a belt as it cycles around to be loaded again. The Return Idlers come with a steel roll and two drop brackets. Return Rubber Disc Idlers are a solution for decreasing material buildup in abrasive and sticky applications.

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